Zekeriya Besiroglu - I'am Oracle Ace.

Glad to inform you all that I have been awarded with an Oracle ACE. I'm really honor to receive this award.

Many Thanks to Oracle Ace H.Tonguc YILMAZ and Sedat Zencirci .

Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors are known for their strong credentials as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates, with candidates nominated by anyone in the Oracle Technology and Applications communities.

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Shyju dedi ki...

Hi Zekeriya,
I'm Shyju working in an IT firm in Dubai. I have find your blog which is very informative and I'm sure you have good knowledge in Oracle. I'm very new to Oracle and E-Business Suite. Here we have installed e-business suite 12 and Vision Database in a Windows 2003 machine. Now I want to access the Vision database. I can login to e-business suite with user which is there in Vision database(ie. username: cbrown and password:welcome).,and I have got sysadmin access also, but I could not find the table where the user cbrown resides.
Can you give me some suggestions to find that table (using SQL+ or any other oracle client).