What is the WebLogic Scripting Tool?

What is the WebLogic Scripting Tool?

Bea WebLogic Scripting Tool WLST is a command-line scripting interface . The WLST scripting environment is based on the Java scripting interpreter, Jython language.
We can use WLST for administrative processes. WLST is alternative for admin console.

Weblogic Scripting WLST examples.
create server example

[oracle@wls-sysadm /]$ java weblogic.WLST (for start weblogic)

wls:/offline> connect('weblogic','Welcome1','t3://localhost:7001') Successfully connected to Admin Server 'AdmSvr' that belongs to domain 'BilDomain'.

wls:/BilDomain/serverConfig> cd('Servers')

wls:/BilDomain/serverConfig/Servers> edit()

wls:/BilDomain/edit> startEdit()

wls:/BilDomain/edit !> server1=create('Svr2','Server')
(MBean type Server with name Svr3 has been created successfully.)

wls:/BilDomain/edit !> server1.getName()


wls:/BilDomain/edit !> ls('Servers')

drw- AdmSvr
drw- Svr1
drw- Svr2

was:/BilDomain/edit !> save()

was:/BilDomain/edit !> activate()

wls:/BilDomain/edit !> stopEdit()

wls:/BilDomain/edit> exit()

[oracle@wls-sysadm /]$

Deploy example

deploy(appname, applocation, targets='srv1',

name = "Muhasebe"

location = "/home/oracle/applications/muhaebe.ear"

deploy(name, location, targets='svr1')

JVM =getMbean('/JVMRuntime/svr1')
print 'free percent memory heap' + jvm.getFreeHeapPercent()
print 'Garbage collection time'+jvm.getTotalGarbageCollectionTime(

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